Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Birthday Boy!

Ira had two birthday parties this year. Nana, Papa, Uncle Luke, Jack Jack, David, Holley, Jacob and our family friend Kyle came from Florida over Labor Day weekend to celebrate. We went to Opry Mills mall where the Birthday Boy rode the carousel, made an Obi wan Kenobi Bear at Build a Bear and won a ton of tickets at Dave and Busters. He had a blast!

He spiked his hair for the special occasion.

Ready to party in her cute little dress.

Minion cupcakes from his favorite movie, Despicable Me.

Papa treated everyone to ice cream.

Blowing out the candles.

Jack Jack bought Ira a fart gun because she's classy. Ira loved it!

Sparring equipment from Nana and Papa.

Partying with Daddy.


Jack Jack helped Ira groom his bear at Build a Bear.

Obi Wan Keno Bear, I made that pun all week and Ira still does not approve. I thought it was pretty clever.

Playing at Dave and Buster's with Daddy.

He won a thousand tickets!

For his second party we celebrated at home with friends. Ira wanted a Curious George party.

Ira created this little wall of monkeys all by himself.

Some of Ira's friends playing in his play room.

Singing Happy Birthday.

Making a wish!

Like a pack of wild animals. I think they all had fun.

Opening presents. The kids all loved this minion hat from Ira's friend, Django. He slept with it that night.

Gifts are awesome!

On Ira's actual birthday he woke up covered in balloons.

He grew so much since last year.

Wearing a birthday crown to school.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fun Filled August

Big Holley and Dottie Jane

About a month ago my Granny, Ira's Big Holley, came to visit. We had a wonderful visit! Big Holley loved watching Ira play and she was so excited to get to hold Dottie Jane. Just a few days after our visit Big Holley had a stroke and had to be moved to a nursing home. I am really sad and struggling with the fact that my wonderful Granny is aging and that her quality of life has decreased, but I am so happy that we had one last chance to be with her before her stroke. I hope Ira remembers her as the warm and spunky lady who came to visit.

First Day of First Grade

East Nashville Tomato Art Festival

This year Ira made a tomato for the kid's art show. It is such a happy little tomato.

Dottie Jane's first Tomato Festival.

The festival begins with a parade and everyone gets to join in, even this Elvis matador.

and even these two handsome dancing fellas.

The water slide in the kid's activity area was Ira's favorite.

Getting his hair sprayed red and green.

Making art at a cute little art school in East Nashville.

Showing off his creation.

Posing with a tuba player at the Tomato Festival. The tuba is Ira's favorite instrument.

Wilson County Fair

We also went to the Wilson County Fair. Ira had the time of his life. He rode everything. We didn't get home until midnight, that's pretty late for a four month old, but Dottie Jane was a trooper (for the most part). Here our journey is just beginning. We are on a shuttle to the fair.

Daddy and Ira were no chickens. They rode all the rides.

First time eating a funnel cake.
Finger lickin' good!


Amazing view, sweet little face.

Shakolad Chocolate Factory

Our friend Emi gave us passes to tour Shakolad Chocolate Factory. Ira obviously likes chocolate. Thanks, Emi!

The tour began with a chocolate fountain.

Ira really enjoyed making the chocolate. 

Decorating his yummy treats.

Apple Picking

Last year we tried to go apple picking but it was too late in the season and everything was picked clean. This year we jumped on it and picked early. We met some of our friends at Pratt's Orchard and picked over 20 pounds of apples.

That's a lot of apples.

Picnic in the Park